2014-07-06 15:32:52 by SINESPAWN

Recently uploaded "Overture" and submitted it to the N G A D M '14: Auditions.
Figured it's always worth a shot.
I only just recently joined Newgrounds, so I appreciate any support and feedback I can get from anyone, new or veteran here on NG.
Be sure to check out the track and tell me what you think!


2014-07-06 14:23:00 by SINESPAWN

Hey everyone,

I write music. I play video games. I stream. I voice act.
I do what I love and I don't think I'm going to ever stop.
I'm interested in collaborating here on newgrounds, as well as showcasing a few pieces of my work to capture your interests.

If you want to check out my music portfolio, I have linked my soundcloud via my profile, as well as other social networks.

Hope to see some feedback from you guys and hopefully get in with a few projects.